The ongoing declaration from Ofsted of another investigation system has provoked numerous inside training to think about the main thing in our schools. It’s a chance to reconsider and assess the situation – a characteristic respite to complete an ‘educational modules review’ and re-shape a school’s putting forth for the future.Of course, the way that is the arrival of subtleties of another investigation system that has filled in thusly an impetus will be seen my numerous as an ideal case of everything that isn’t right with instruction in the UK. We have a framework that is essentially driven by the requirement for schools to go through the motions the inspectorate puts before them. Taking a gander at things somewhat more decidedly, in any event it has got individuals contemplating what our instruction framework ought to be.Exams ought not be the prime focal point of educationIt must be said updates on the patched up review system was met with a decent arrangement of incredulity from schools, as far as worries about how it may really function practically speaking. Notwithstanding, there has been practically consistent help for the apparent move in accentuation far from examination results.For excessively long, examination results have been put on a platform and seen as the most important thing in the world of training. Obviously, test results should be simply a satisfying side-effect of extraordinary instruction framework, not the significant focal point of it.What we ought to do is soliciting ourselves what the general reason from school truly is. Is a school giving a great training if its students accomplish a magnificent arrangement of examination results? All things considered, it’s maybe troublesome that it isn’t – yet does it imply that schools are getting to be ‘test manufacturing plants’? Does this imply the focal point of schools has turned out to be tied in with filling understudies’ heads with the learning important to pass tests? At what cost does this happen; and do those tests really plan youngsters for the future?Are creative energy, inventiveness and innovativeness suffering?Many individuals inside training trust that our fixation on testing is harming instruction – contending that understudies’ creative ability, creativity and imagination are generally enduring therefore, as youngsters are not being enabled the chance to build up their basic reasoning or inventive side.Maybe we ought to take gander at effective instruction frameworks in different nations. Scandinavian nations, especially Finland, are frequently held up as the measuring stick to pursue. These are nations that have been reliably beating the UK for well over a decade.The shared factor in the instruction frameworks of Scandinavian nations is that there is a prominent absence of any type of testing until understudies have achieved the time of 16.What this implies is that training (and understudies) from the age of 6-15 can create without the stress of breezing through tests. The real defect of a testing routine is that it guesses that kids ought to be ‘at a specific spot’ by a particular age. Results based learning presumes that youngsters advance at a similar rate and learn similarly – which, obviously, is a nonsense.The side-effect of this methodology is that instructing and learning ends up constrained, and progressively time is given of getting understudies through tests. Is this truly what we need training to be