Apple’s new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are now available for preorder with a November 1st release date. These two phones are the latest in Apple’s most popular product line. They provide all the features that people love about iPhones, but with some new additions that make them perfect for many different lifestyles. With the new 3D touch, you can use your phone like never before. For example, if you hold your finger on an app icon for a few seconds, it will open up a menu with different options attached to it. This makes it easier to choose what you want without having to scroll through menus or pages of icons. The camera is also improved with better clarity and resolution than previous models. If you’re someone who likes taking



What are the new features of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro?

There are other new features that you should know about. The screen of the iPhone 13 now curves around the back and sides, so it’s much easier to hold.

This new model has a larger battery than any previous iPhone. The phone can last even longer than most typical users. And it has wireless charging so that you can recharge the battery easily.

The new iPhone has a Face ID instead of Touch ID. Face ID is a feature that scans your face to open your phone, making it much easier to unlock it. If you’re worried about privacy, it is a secure system, so it won’t work if you cover your face. It will work even if you are looking at it in a mirror or through a picture.

The new phone has an improved camera system. There’s an updated 12-megapixel camera with a wide f/1.